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Trek to Bishop Pass

The Bishop pass trail is a spectacular 10 mile out and back hike that offers stunning views of granite peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and lush meadows. Although the climb to Bishop Pass is a rocky section with bigger step ups and step downs, the trail up to this section is an easy to moderate grade along a smooth and forested trail that offers better and better scenery the higher you climb! The trail starts at South Lake trailhead and climbs to the valley between the Inconsolable Range and Hurd Peak, with the highest lakes found at the foot of Mt.Thompson and Mt.Goode.This trip is also a great option for those seeking to dip their toes in higher elevation, since the pass itself is as 12,000ft. On a 2 day trek there is the option to camp near a beautiful mountain tarn nestled in the pass below Mount Agassiz. This trek can be done as a more strenuous 2 day trek, or a more relaxed 3 day "basecamp" style hike- where we can set up camp at Saddlerock or Bishop lake, and spend our second day exploring the pass with light daypacks where we can take in views Dusy Basin, the infamous Palisades and lakes below!




(3 Day Option Rating- 2)

This trek follows well maintained trails and has a moderate hiking distance of 4-5 miles per day. Due to the elevation gain of this trek it is considered a moderate Level 2-3 trek (3 day trek option considered a Level 2 trek). Weight carried will be between 25-35 lbs per person. On Day 2 (3 day trek option) the hike to Bishop pass will be done in lighter daypacks to make this a more manageable "Basecamp" style trek!

& Elevation

Whats Included?

  • Top-of-the-line tent, backcountry sleeping pad and multi-day backpack, headlamps, utensils and poles.

  • High quality, synthetic sleeping bag (Laundered after every use- $15 cleaning fee) – or bring your own!

  • Breakfast, lunch, and 4-course dinner prepared by your guide while in the field.

  • Professional local mountain guide certified as Wilderness First Responder, Food Handling & Leave No Trace Principles with years of professional and personal wilderness experience and a passion for leading others.

  • Wilderness and National park backcountry camping permits.

  • Bear canisters for food storage.

  • Water Filtration systems- all water filtered by your guide!

  • Emergency equipment including an extensive first-aid kit and satellite communication device (InReach Explorer).

  • For Yosemite National Park Treks: Mandatory 5% national park fee that passes through directly to Yosemite.

  • A discount of 10% off any TrekSierra trip after your first!


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