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Add A Theme To Your Trek!

Customizable Themes

Try a themed hike for a fun and memorable experience on your trek into the backcountry! No matter what your ability level, there are always new and different ways to make your trip even more special. At TrekSierra, we have a few different ways to make the most of your outdoor adventure!

Watercolor Trek 

$75 (per person)

This is a beautiful and creative way to spend some time relaxing at camp. With this theme comes a backcountry watercolor travel paint set and paint pad for each participant! You'll be amazed at how quick, fun and easy it is to create a beautiful and simple landscape painting of the surrounding lakes and peaks from camp. Backcountry watercolor painting is a special way to spend time with your loved ones while taking in the remarkable terrain of the Sierra Nevada range- all while your guide is preparing dinner!


The Star Trek

$120 (per person)

Have you ever wanted to spend an hour stargazing under the most beautiful starlit sky in California? Maybe after hiking all day, setting up camp and cooking- you couldn't muster the energy? This theme is a great way to make it happen! We choose a night of our trek where we have the least amount of hiking during the day (a "Basecamp" style hike is a great option for this!) and get to bed nice and early after your guide cooks a hearty meal for the group. We then wake up for an hour or so during peak stargazing hours, lie on our ultralight backcountry blankets (provided by your guide) while taking in the spectacular Milky way with your loved ones! With this trek theme comes a stargazing backcountry travel telescope and a star constellation packet for each participant. Experience a night in the starry and serene backcountry like you've always wanted to!

Birthday Bake

$75 (per person)

Make your loved ones birthday trek even more memorable by adding a fun baking night to your trip! Your group can pitch in with decorating a delicious birthday cake (made fresh at camp by your guide) or have your guide do the decorating while your group relaxes! Icing, springles, candles- the works! Choose from our cake flavors or request your own. Birthday hats will be included for a fantastic birthday group photo! Make this a remarkable birthday experience in the stunning location of the Sierra Nevada range- not soon to be forgotten!

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